Athena Dynamics (ADPL) is the technology subsidiary of SGX mainboard listed BH Global Corporation Ltd. ADPL specializes in strongly differentiated Critical Infra-Structure Protection and Cyber Security products and services. Since its inception, ADPL has been awarded classified and high security projects in both the public and private sectors in Singapore.



What makes ADPL special is its very different approaches to cyber protection. Today, many companies invested substantially in cyber protection and yet they continue to be compromised. After a year of in-depth study into the main-stream cyber protection approaches, ADPL discovered the common deficiency in almost all the cyber protection tools today globally. With that, ADPL decided to take a radically different approach and since then, it has discovered tools which were deployed in more than 100 highly confidential sites, with credential of achieving virtually zero infection in the last 7+ years.

Separately, many organizations invested fortunes in compliances. Unfortunately, after achieving high scores in audits, they continue to be compromised. Process audit is apparently inadequate. Deep technical audit is key. For that, ADPL’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing experts (VAPT) have helped many critical infra-structures such as banks, energy, water, chemical plants achieve world-class level security clearance. One good example is, in a consented test, our team managed to open the gate of a water dam in just 7 hours of hacking from the internet. We have credentials in penetration testing of planes, cars, and industrial control systems etc. for a high level assurance of the security health of their operations.


Our Products



A 9-layer, ultra-deep-scanning anti-malware & sanitization (CDR) powerhouse augmentable by uni-directional data diodes with Wintel based proxies


   LOGO Advenica


A 1G high-end cross-domain and data diode solution with Linux based proxies for CII protection with patented segregation technologies




A SCADA monitoring platform that specializes in real-time behavioural analytics of OPC data passively extracted from control systems



LOGO Darktrace


A self-learning AI cyber defense platform capable of detecting and responding to cyber-attacks in real time.


              LOGO Ceedo


An application containerization technology to intelligently isolate applications (not just browsers) from its host environment.



IT Care Center

End-to-end management solution for your IT operations, on a single platform. A robust platform, yet an affordable one, with the optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


LOGO Granite


A cost-effective digital GRC management and training platform with importable framework templates (e.g. ISO27001, PCI DSS, GDPR etc) to ease the pain of risk and compliance management.


                   LOGO SOPHOS

A user-friendly, simple-to-deploy enterprise solution that encompasses endpoint, network, email, mobile and encryption security with Unified Threat Management (UTM).


                 LOGO SOPHOS

A platform-agnostic hardware-isolated computation and storage system with HW root of trust



                         LOGO Granite
Good Hackers Alliance

An alliance of hand-picked hacking groups especially from countries at digital wars with world-class track records in Deep Cyber Audit & VAPT


                   LOGO SOPHOS
Virtus Assure

An independent assurance services consultancy focused on providing corporate governance, risk management, and internal audit for exchange listed companies








Omnisense Systems develops, manufactures and markets advanced night vision, remote sensing and motion control systems targeting industrial,

commercial and law enforcement applications. Core technology focuses on real-time operating systems (RTOS), custom IP cores and digital signal processing.

Omnisense Systems also undertakes specialized projects requiring integrated digital system builds and highly customized mechanical, hardware & software development.



Our founding members have extensive experience in vision systems, infrared thermography and advance mechanical design.

Omnisense Systems invest heavily in building our R&D team. We have built significant capabilities in the area of highly integrated digital system design and development which includes, but not limited to hardware, software, industrial and mechanical design. In 2018, Omnisense Systems expanded their Research & Development centre which focuses on design and launch of full range of marine night vision sensing systems.

Over the years, we have also build up a capable manufacturing and maintenance capabilities. Our highly automated infrared temperature calibration lab is probably the most advance privately owned setup in the region.


  • Core technology focuses on real-time operating systems (RTOS), custom IP cores and digital signal processing.
  • Developed adaptive infrared temperature measurement technology that has been refined and proven in the field since 2009.



  • Advanced Motion Control & Sensing Systems
  • Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Custom IP Cores
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Integrated Digital System Builds
  • Highly Customized Mechanical Development.


Our Products

  • Sentry MKIII

    Mass Fever Screening System

  • Sentinel Black

    Day/Night Marine Surveillance

  • Sentinel VX

    Day/Night Area Surveillance System