Corporate Milestone



  1. Founded Beng Hui Electric Trading Pte Ltd, which was subsequently renamed as BH Global Marine Limited, with Mr. Alvin Lim (Chairman), Mr Vincent Lim (CEO) and Ms. Eileen Lim (Director)



  1. Successfully listed on SGX-Mainboard on 12 September 2005



  1. Clinched first offshore project awarded by Labroy Marine Ltd to supply cables for jack-up drilling rig



  1. Proposed Bonus Issue of 140 million new ordinary shares on the basis of 1 bonus share for every 2 ordinary shares to increase trading liquidity



  1. Expanded warehousing facilities with newly acquired land area of approximately 124,934 square feet at 10 Penjuru Lane
  2. Only marine company to win the Promising Brand Award Category under Singapore Prestigious Brand Awards



  1. Achieved record turnover of S$101.6 million, crossing the $100 million mark for the first time in corporate history
  2. Invested in Z-Power Automation Pte Ltd and Sky Holding Pte Ltd to acquire manufacturing capability



  1. First Marine Concept stock to be dual-listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange via the issuance of Taiwan Depository Receipts
  2. Initiated new business segment, Engineering Services to provide turnkey installation services for fire and gas, safety and security systems and other marine subcontracting businesses targeted at newbuilds, repairs and retrofitting projects
  3. Expanded geographical footprint into Vietnam, China, India and the Middle East



  1. Invested in LED lighting business with the objective of developing LED lighting for marine and offshore use
  2. Established presence in the Middle East through a Joint Venture agreement to manufacture galvanised steel wire in the Sultanate of Oman



  1. Set up BH Global Marine India Pte Ltd and Z-Power Automation Co. Ltd (Vietnam) to establish our presence in India and Vietnam



  1. Rebranding exercise to BH Global Corporation Ltd
  2. Inaugurated the Gulf Specialty Steel Industries Plant for the manufacture of galvanized steel wire in Oman



  1. Set up joint venture company BH Global HNS Pte Ltd to carry out high nitrogen steel product business
  2. Set up joint venture company Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd to carry out Cyber Security product and solution business



  1. Divested Z-Power Automation Pte Ltd
  2. Entered into a Distribution and Representation Agreement and Prepayment with cable supplier SEC Group



  1. Set up joint venture company Omnisense Systems Pte Ltd to carry out Security product and solution business



  1. Incorporation of One BHG Pte Ltd to spearhead the development of business opportunities in areas of Environment, Electrifications and Digitalisation
  2. Incorporation of joint venture company, BOS Marine & Offshore Engineering Corporation, with Japanese partners to develop business expansion opportunities in the Japanese maritime market
  3. Set up Omnisense System Pte Ltd Taiwan Branch to expand its Research & Development capacities and further its exposure in the regional markets
  4. E-Commerce Platform ( gains traction among global Maritime users, achieves S$100,000 online sales revenue



  1. BOS Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd entered a foray of marine pipe engineering ad installation, successfully completed the first Glass Reinforced Epoxy pipe installation project in Japan
  2. Commenced research & development activities into enhancing design and efficiency of marine scrubbers
  3. Expansion of Omnisense Systems’ Research & Development centre, focusing on design and launch of full range of marine night vision sensing systems
  4. Furtherance of Cyber Security capabilities and offerings through strategic partnerships with Horangi Cyber Security and Sasa