Our Strengths and Direction



Comprehensive range of quality products

  • Extensive inventory of quality products to provide short lead times
  • Keep up with market trends through constant improvement

Excellent logistics infrastructure

  • Synergy between inventory management and logistic capability
  • Flexible storage services for  JIT "Just In Time" delivery
  • Established distribution networks


Dynamic management and dedicated workforce

  • Our adaptability allows us to provide customized services.
  • Cohesive interaction between departments to facilitate workflow

Expansion into related industries

  • Ability to provide a suite of unique integrated solutions
  • Building trust in customers’ mind

World’s leading busiest port

Singapore is currently one of the world’s busiest port in terms of vessel tonnage and is regarded to be the biggest hub for transshipment activities. As an entrepôt economy, Singapore is dependent on the success of the local port, particularly efficient transshipment capabilities. This is especially important for BH Global as we are highly dependent on the established distribution channels and world-class infrastructure to expedite export and import of our products. With the increased traffic of vessels docking at our ports, we believe that this implies additional business for us. Growth of the economies in the Asian region, particularly India and the People's Republic of China, will positively impact the industries we are in.


Strong growing offshore-rig-construction sector

Singapore has established itself as a base for the offshore sector, which services the oil and gas industry in the region. New technological advancement allows oil majors to explore deeper depths and new frontiers. Rising oil prices triggered even more deep-water drilling. The increasing need for new-generation offshore rigs to replace older fleets, coupled with tougher rules governing the sector and tighter safety requirements has led to a surge in the dismantling of older offshore facilities. All these led to a wave of new orders fuelling the marine and offshore industry.


Synergy within the group

Our subsidiaries provide us with a unique platform to integrate horizontally and vertically all related businesses, providing one stop turnkey solutions that deliver added value for our customers. Continuous Mergers and Acquisitions will enable us to participate in further expansions to include even more businesses for the company’s growth.


Protecting the environment

As part of our global efforts to promote efficient energy-saving measures, we are currently expanding our marine light equipment portfolio with LED lightings. Our investment in GL Lighting, an associated company in Taiwan, aims at promoting high performance efficient technologies that will eventually substitute traditional lightings with more efficient alternatives.